Top Musicians And Poets Of Italy In The Medieval Times 

Apart from architecture and fine art pieces, Italy is also home to some of the finest musicians and poets to have graced the world. The medieval times are a period when musicians flourished in Italy. In as much as they didn’t get as much status and attention (due to religious restrictions) in the early medieval times, their music still managed to flourish albeit towards the end of the medieval period.

It’s also great to note that notational and theoretical music has its origin in Italy after which it spread over to the whole world thereby impacting music in a great way.

So are you excited to find out who were some of the best composers and poets in Italy during the medieval period? Take a look. 

Dante Alighieri

“Dante is one of the most famous poets of the late middle ages.”

Dante is one of the most famous poets of the late middle ages. He authored one the masterworks of world literature, ‘La Commedia’ (The divine comedy). The best thing about this piece is that it was written in Italian rather than Greek or Latin as was the norm at the time. This allowed the poem to be accessed by many people and contribute substantially towards literature. Many are times when Dante and Shakespeare are spoken of in the same breathe. 

Guido Of Arezzo

Guido of Arezzo is regarded as the inventor of modern musical notation and one of the most influential figures in the middle ages when it came to the development of music. He was a monk situated in Benedictine Abbey of Pomposa. However, his inventions in music made him fall of with his fellow monks because they considered it a threat to music. Luckily he was appointed as a music teacher in a cathedral school located in Arezzo. This is where he was able to flourish and bring his music inventions to the world. 

“He happened to be a music composer as well as an inventor.”

Marchetto Da Padova

He happened to be a music composer as well as an inventor. He made great strides in notation of time values which were a great contribution to the music of the Ars Nova. He also had other music inventions such as tuning and chromaticism. Given the great contributions that his inventions had in music at the time, most of other composers’ works would never have been possible without him. This includes the likes of Francesco Landini and Lorenzo da Firenza. 

Francesco Landini

Francesco is one of the most praised composers of the Italian Ars Nova (a type of music that flourished in France and Italy in the late middle ages). However, he not only composed songs but also made contributions to poetry following the styles of Dante and other great poets at the time. 

Lorenzo Da Firenze

Just like Francesco, Lorenzo was also a music composer. He was also a music teacher and was closely associated with Francesco Landini in composing pieces for the Italian Ars Nova. There’s little that is known about him and some accounts also assume that he might have been Landini’s teacher at some point. 

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