Must-Visit Places For Italian Tourists To See Middle Ages Places 

Italy is so wide and has very many attractions. Therefore, there’s a chance that you might get lost in a labyrinth of places to go to if you don’t plan your itinerary before-hand. This is exactly what happened to me during my first visit to Italy.

I thought that I could enjoy everything during my short visit but I was in for a rude shock. By the time I was done with my visit, I had hardly visited some of the greatest places that Italy had to offer.

As a result I had to schedule another trip. Here are some of Italy’s must visit places, especially if you are intrigued by its medieval era.


“Of the canals that the city is situated on, the Grand Canal is the most famous.”

This is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit in Italy. The whole city was built upon a lagoon and though it can be crowded at times, it’s always worth the visit. The city has one of the most picturesque waterways as well as great architecture that were mainly developed in the middle ages.

Of the canals that the city is situated on, the Grand Canal is the most famous. It divides the city into two. Furthermore, you will definitely want to go on a gondola ride once you get here (the main means of transportation that you will have to use).


This place is located near the modern city of Naples. It was a famous Roman city but got buried for almost 1,700 years after the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. The process of unearthing the city began in 1748. The best thing about Pompeii is that it gives you great insight into a city where the last inhabitants happened to be Romans. It’s also good to note that some parts of the city are still being unearthed.

“It has some of the most ancient Roman structures.”


This is the best place to enjoy great architecture and atmosphere of a city that flourished during the medieval times (and still flourishes even today). It used to be the capital of the Roman Empire and today it also doubles up as the capital of Italy. It has some of the most ancient Roman structures such as the Colosseum where gladiators used to fight for their lives. It is also home to the Vatican City. Rome has some of the most stunning cathedrals (some located in the Vatican as well) and culture. If you don’t plan well you might find yourself spending your entire holiday trying to enjoy every single point in this city. It also has some great facts that you might not have known about.


You can’t go to Pompeii without giving Naples a visit. This is a city of great architecture and art. Some of the best art pieces in the world call Naples home. Even though some parts of this city are modernised, there are other areas which still have medieval atmosphere intact. The city is also a great place for exquisite Italian cuisines with favourite Italian foods like spaghetti, pizza and parmigiana having originated here. Given its close proximity to Pompeii, it can be a great place to stay while visiting Pompeii. It will also give you unlimited access to the bay of Naples.


“You can’t visit Italy without heading to the place where the Renaissance started from.”

You can’t visit Italy without heading to the place where the Renaissance started from. Florence played a huge role in the middle ages that affected not only Italy but the whole European continent. It is home to some of the best engineers and artists to have ever lived.

The great architectural masterpieces in Florence are a constant reminder of the immense knowledge and ingenuity of engineers from this place. One such place to marvel is the Florence Cathedral, which took approximately 140years to complete.

Note: Always ensure that you have booked the places that you want to visit in advance because Florence can be very crowded at times and you’ll have to wait in line in order to access some places.

It’s also better to plan your holiday during a period where there are few other tourists flocking into Italy, in this way you’ll get to enjoy more of Italy and you’ll not have to take a full day to access only one venue.

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