Restaurants And Shows Of Italian Medieval Times 

Italy has a great array of restaurants and shows that you can check out during your stay or holiday. Most of these shows and restaurants have a medieval theme that makes it great for people who want to experience the rich history embedded in this country. (See must visit places in Italy) 

Furthermore, you must have heard about Italy’s culinary prowess.

There’s a wide array of cuisines and regional specialties that you can sample, and trust me, you won’t want to leave Italy after this.

Based on their reviews and awards that they’ve obtained over the years; here are some of the best restaurants and shows in Italy that will give you a glimpse of the medieval times. 

Albergo Diffuso In S. Stefano di Sessanio

“This restaurant has been set up in medieval fashion.”

This restaurant has been set up in medieval fashion. It serves some of the best local specialties in the area. It has traces of history carved out on its thick walls and stone floors. The reception area used to be an area where medieval settlers raised their pigs (don’t worry it’s been renovated). You will definitely get a medieval chill whenever you go through their doors; I know I did during my first visit.  

Teatro Donizetti In Città Bassa 

Located in Bergamo, a city in Northern Italy, Teatro Donizetti happens to be one of the best and oldest opera houses in the city. It has frescoed ceilings and walls adorned with the statues of some of the greatest composers. The shows themselves are electric and they will take you down Italy’s history and sounds and acts of those times. 

“People get to act out like they are in the medieval times.”

Medieval Times In Lazise Italy 

If you are looking for a restaurant that also provides great entertainment, then you should definitely try out the Medieval Times. It’s more of a dinner theatre, where you get to dine with other people as you wait for the main show of the night. People get to act out like they are in the medieval times. Before the food is served, people band on their plates and bowls in a rather rowdy fashion (just like in medieval movies). Afterwards, you get to cheer on your favourite characters as the show progresses. It’s good to note that it’s barely easy to have your glass empty because the wait staff is always come around to fill it up after every few minutes. 

These 3 restaurants and shows are a great place for family as well.

The medieval ambience will take you away and you will definitely get one of the best experiences from your stay in Italy. 


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