Italian Festivals To Remember The Medieval Times 

If you are looking for a medieval place that has tons of events all year round and is favourable for the whole family, then Italy is a great place to be. It has events organized throughout the year with small entertainment shows for kids as well.Some of these fairs involve the residents dressing up in costumes, something that your kids will delight at. Here are some of the best medieval festivals that will leave you demanding for more once they are over.

Fiera Delle Messi In San Gimignano

“It has a number of shows for both adults and kids as well.”

This festival is usually held towards the end of June in Siena. It has a number of shows for both adults and kids as well. It features knights, storytellers and other actors in medieval costumes. Furthermore, there are a lot of souvenir art pieces that are usually sold during this period.

Medievalis At Pontremoli

This show is held every August at Massa Carrara. It’s a perfect gate-a-way for the whole family. it features a medieval themed fair with exquisite delicacies as well as fun games for both kids and adults alike.

Tria Turris

This event is usually held at the end of June of each year in Chiusi. It’s an event filled with fire-eaters, knights, jesters, flag throwers and any other medieval character that you can think of. The three day event features battles, tournaments and banquets that are fun for the whole family.

“If you are looking for a more medieval setting, then Monteriggioni (located in Sienna) is the perfect place for a medieval show/festival.”

Monteriggioni Crowned By Towers

If you are looking for a more medieval setting, then Monteriggioni (located in Sienna) is the perfect place for a medieval show/festival. It’s usually held in mid-July and happens to be among the most recognised shows in the whole of Italy. It not only evokes the dressing and traditions of the medieval period but also revives the tastes and atmosphere.

Medieval Reenactment At The Nozzano Castle (Lucca)

Nozzano usually brings back to life the medieval period at the beginning of September. This little village has all the sights and atmosphere of the medieval period. During this time you will get to listen to stories about their past, there is tons of entertainment and you will have to throw away your Euros for a while and transact in matildis (13th century currency).

Not only are these shows great but you can also schedule your itinerary in such a way that you can be able to enjoy these shows from one town to the other during the whole holiday period. Check out

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