Medioevo Italiano: Great Medieval Shows For Kids 

I always get asked whether Italy is a great place for kids. My answer is usually an unequivocal yes. It has many magnificent places and cultures that will have your kids in awe.

The architecture, art and restaurants will leave you and your kids begging for more and if you are not well prepared you might find yourself spending more than you should have.

There are also a number of shows and festivals in Italy and that are specifically made to accommodate kids. Some of these shows include; 

Befana La Festa Dell’Epifania (The Epiphany)

“Befana La Festa Dell’Epifania (The Epiphany)”

This festival is usually held on 6th January of every year and it is a popular attraction to kids from around the world. This is because on this day, you get to fill up the socks of kids with candies and any other gift that you would want to give them. During the day, the kids dress up in costumes and visit their neighbours in the hope of getting a small gift. For tourists, there are many shows kid’s shows that are held during this day and the entire week which detail this old age tradition.  

Easter Festivals

Another great time to take your kids to Italy would be during this period. Italy has its own festival known as the Scoppio del Carro that dates backs to 1099 during the first crusade. It’s a great time to understand Italy’s history because there are usually many shows in Italy that usually try to re-enact scenes during the medieval times. 

There are many other shows and festivals that you can take your kids to while in Italy. You should always try to search shows that are near the location that you will be staying at and choose which one you want to watch.

It’s also advisable that you get to learn a bit of Italian as well because some shows have majority of the dialect in Italian.

Thinking of other things that you can do with your kids and family, here are some places that you should visit. 


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