Medieval Italy: The Gradual Succession To Modern Age 

It is said that without medieval times, then there would never have been technology as we know it. The medieval period precipitated for the renaissance to occur. The renaissance was a period where many people in Italy i.e. artists, architects, engineers etc. started pursuing new ingenious ways of doing things.

It started off in the state of Florentine before spreading out to the whole of Europe.

During this period new art pieces, marvellous architectural designs, splendid fashion designs (see fashion in the renaissance period) and astonishing discoveries were made. All of this helped the world move to our current technological times. Here are some of the best discoveries that have been instrumental in the world. 

The Compass

The compass has been a great tool for breaking up the boundaries that man previously existed in. This tool allowed the mercantile traders to travel far and wide to places that they never knew existed before. This in turn opened up the world and the transfer of information between countries allowed them to flourish. It also allowed the merchants of Italy, especially the Florentine region, to prosper heavily from trade. As a result, most of this money was channelled to artists, architects and musicians who used their talent and knowledge to come up with new ideas and creations. 


The renaissance period saw great strides in science being made by people like Galileo Galilei and Leornado Da Vinci. Some of their works formed the foundation of what modern technologies run on. For example, Leornado Da Vinci’s works on aerodynamics provided a platform on which the first plane could be made on given improvements that were made during the years.  


There are many forms of art from drawings to music. The late middle ages and the renaissance period provided a platform where artists were able to express themselves. As a result, very many inventions were made in the area of art. For example, Guido of Arezzo is credited to have been the inventor of modern music notation. Most of the inventions and discoveries that were made during this period provided a platform on which further research and development could be based on.  

The middle ages and the renaissance period are the foundations of our modern times. The current technology that we use was based off some of the inventions that were made during this time.

We should therefore celebrate the history of Italy because we owe our technological advancements to their ingenious artists.

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